Northern German Ballroom Champions 2019

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For the second time our trainer couple got the first place in the northern german ballroom championship.
Alina told us, that it was actually a though week full of practise, two competitions in a row, little bit of sleep and a lot of travelling for us but we are very grateful for this experience - Sometimes you have to go over your limit to really know where your Limit is 

So, thank you to our best coaches Benedetto Ferruggia & Claudia Köhler! You are always there for us and give us the possibilities to improve us day by day.
Thank you to our national coach Martina Weßel-Therhorn, our federation DTV and our regional federation TSH - Tanzsportverband Schleswig-Holstein e.V. for the great support.
Also thank you to our helpful advisors Marco Cavacini and Mattia, you are great!!
A great thank you goes also to our best sponsors Ottante Cosmetics and Silvia Design 

...And the last thank you goes to our Pupils, friends and family members who always cheer us directly at the floor and from a far. 

AlinaNikata2019 NDMeister

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